Mohammad’s Story

“Mohammad” came to Texas from the Middle East. He was a good Muslim who wanted to convert his “lost” Christian friends to Islam. In that process, he typically attacked the Bible’s credibility by claiming it had been corrupted.  He knew that Allah sent the Quran and promised to protect his word. Many Christians tried to persuade Mohammad that the Bible was not corrupt. Yet those persuasive arguments just didn’t work with Mohammad.


That is until “Joe” did something no one else done before. Joe offered Mohammad a Bible and invited him to a mutual Bible/Quran study. Through that study, Joe urged Mohammad to discover where the Bible was corrupted so he could reveal that to Joe. That invitation turned into a two year Bible study through which Mohammad accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Like Mohammad, most Muslims who come to know and follow Jesus report that exposure to Scripture is the key to their eventual conversion