Muslim Outreach Training Institute

Introductory Class

If you’ve felt God tugging at your heart to reach out to Muslims but didn’t know where to begin, this Introductory Class is for you. By the end of this class you’ll be equipped to begin sharing Jesus’ love to Muslims in your neighborhood and your city. Join us and get equipped to begin reaching out in love.


  • Discover God’s heart for Muslims.
  • Identify what you have in common with your Muslim neighbors.
  • Get equipped to begin sharing Jesus’ love with co-workers and neighbors.

Outreach Series

Many churches or organizations choose to host an IHOPE Ministry Outreach Series to take the outreach experience to the next level. Customized for your organization, participants get a firm foundation in the basic tenants of Islam, how to share Biblical similarities and respond to issues that impact Muslims on a global scale and more. The series culminates with a special celebration field trip to an ethnic restaurant and a Mosque tour/prayer observation.

For more details on hosting or joining an Introductory Class near you, or customizing an Outreach Series for your group, contact us today.

Online Ambassador Certification

IHOPE’s advanced Outreach session culminates with Certification as a global Online Ambassador. Our Ambassadors build relationships and teach English as a Second Language (ESL) with International students from IHOPE’s Connection Centers.
For more details on becoming an Online Ambassador, contact us today.