By Renod Bejjani

My story begins in a unique place at a unique time in history—I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1963. My parents were Lebanese and Christian, and throughout my childhood, we lived in several Middle Eastern and North Africa nations (like Libya) where 99% of the population was Muslim. I was horribly persecuted as a child for my Christian faith and developed a deep hatred for both Muslims and God. However, my story is one of redemption and hope.

Here’s the problem

Let me pause to share what makes this—your lifetime and mine—a unique time in history. Right now, Islam is the number two religion in the world, an estimated 1.68 billion people. Eighty-four percent of Muslims (around 1.43 billion) are “unreached,” meaning they have never heard of God’s love and sacrifice through Jesus Christ. Not only that, but Islam is rapidly growing worldwide, and Christianity is declining.

Islam is expected to overtake Christianity as the number one religion in the world by 2070. This could have a tremendous impact on our generation and future generations if continued, changing our local communities in a significant way. You and I have the power to change this trajectory and transform lives! With 2 billion Christians worldwide, if every Christian shared their faith with a Muslim neighbor, every Muslim would be reached. It’s something every Christian can do with 5 simple essentials and it’s simpler than you might think.

What I thought was the solution

After I moved to the United States in 1976, God began to heal my heart. I realized that between 600 A.D. and the 20thcentury, the Middle East (Christ’s birthplace) had shifted from predominately Christian to predominately Muslim, and the same thing was happening in the United States.

I recognized confusion, fear, and anger toward Muslims from my Christian friends after the September 11 attacks and I wanted to be part of the solution to reach Muslims and change Christianity’s rapid decline. I read hundreds of books, attended conferences, and learned from experts who sought to reverse this trend—but in the end, most of my efforts were ineffective.

How I discovered the true solution: the 5 essentials

My fellow Christians and I were part of what I call the “Least Effective Majority (LEM)” because our methodologies were difficult, overly complicated, and not duplicable, and didn’t make much of an impact in America or Christianized Western nations.  I noticed a minority group of believers whose solution was making an impact—a big one. They practiced 5 biblical, duplicable essential actions:

  1. Share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world (including Muslims)
  2. Look for Muslims whose hearts are open to receiving the good news
  3. Offer a bible to those who are open
  4. Pray with a Muslim in the name of Jesus
  5. Love Muslims as God loves them in thoughts, words, and actions

Uncovering your role

Over the past 20 years, God transformed me and led me to the place I am now: joyfully living out His purpose for my life to love Him and make Him known. His purpose for you is the same, and he is inviting you to be part of this powerful opportunity. Your role as an ambassador of Christ is incredibly important and surprisingly simple to activate in your everyday life.

Taking a first step

Begin by taking this first step: pray for an open heart toward your Muslim neighbors and for God’s wisdom and instruction. Revisit this blog for more information and examples of activating the 5 essentials. Share this blog with a friend.

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