By Renod Bejjani

One of the “5 Essentials” we teach in iHOPE workshops is knowing “good soil” when you see it. No, I’m not talking about gardening. I am talking about looking for clues that you might have met a “person of peace,” someone whose heart God has been preparing to hear the Gospel.

Let me tell you a story… 

Bob and Lynn* started a Bible study in their home and personally invited many of their neighbors to attend. They were delighted when a neighbor they didn’t know well, Rose, arrived for the study. During introductions Rose shared she was Muslim, and Bob and Lynn instantly panicked. They didn’t know anythingabout Islam and worried what they would do if Rose asked a tough question or wanted to debate theology.

Despite their concerns, Bob and Lynn continued with the study and were surprised at Rose’s genuine interest. Rose shared what Muslims believed with the group and accepted a Bible as a gift. She came back week after week, regularly reading her Bible and accepting prayer in Jesus’ name. The group loved her and invited her to attend church with them, and she did.  Over time, Rose professed belief in Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she was baptized.  Then, she began to share Jesus with her family and they were baptized as well.

No “Perfect Words”

Bob and Lynn didn’t use any clever reasoning to attract Rose to their Bible study – quite the opposite! They just knocked on Rose’s front door and personally invited her to join their weekly Bible study. Rose was drawn because God had been preparing her heart. In John [6:44], Jesus says:

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him…”

100% of Muslims like Rose, who have ever accepted Christ were first drawn by the Father. You can doggedly persist in your own power, and your own words to soften a hardened heart…or you can trust God, sow Gospel seeds and look for clues that the Holy Spirit is at work.

Life Leaves Clues

Did you notice the seeds Bob, Lynn and their home group sowed into Rose? They…

  • Invited her to their weekly Bible study.
  • Gave her a study Bible as a gift.
  • Prayed in Jesus’ name…withher.
  • Showed authentic love and care.
  • Invited her and her family to church.
  • Invited her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
  • Discipled her and helped her share the Good News with her family.

Each time the group sowed seeds, Rose responded favorably. Friends, what joy the group had as Rose as her entire family were baptized!


Here are 3 things to do to start planting gospel seeds and looking for persons of peace:

  1. Check your thinking: Do you find yourself waiting to “learn more” before you plant gospel seeds?  Or maybe you’re realizing you’ve been relying on your own clever persuasion skills – with no response. God is in control. What do you need to do to start trusting the Lord of the Harvest?
  2. Take action. Start planting gospel seeds early on in your relationship. Then watch for clues that the Holy Spirit is at work.
  3. Plug into a communitythat is passionate about helping Muslims find and follow Jesus. In community you can pray, seek the Holy Spirit’s direction, and encourage one another to plan Gospel Seeds with Muslims. Need more community? Click HERE to join iHOPE’s iPray team or connect with the iHOPE Facebook community HERE.

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