Are you intrigued by different cultures, especially the food? Then you’ll love initiating a Gospel-centered conversation with a Muslim during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast during daylight hours to celebrate the month when the Quran (the Islamic holy book) was revealed to Muhammad. This year, Ramadan kicks off the evening of May 5thand ends June 4th. And every night, Muslims worldwide will typically prepare a feast with their favorite foods and celebrate throughout the evening.

Start a Conversation

 This simple conversation-starter has been the jumping-off-point for Chris to ask more curious questions about Ramada, questions like…

Through these wholehearted curious questions like these, Chris and his family have learned about many cultures, tasted many new foods and formed many Gospel-centered relationships among Muslims. These relationships have resulted in Chris inviting dozens of Muslims to church and ongoing Bible studies, and even leading seven Muslims to Christ!

If Chris can do this, so can you! Once you muster the courage to start the conversation, the rest can be easy as Muslims are typically friendly, hospitable and open to your curious questions. Who knows, the conversation may spill over to an invitation for coffee or a Ramadan meal and more!

 Here are three simple things you can do during Ramadan:


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Take a cue from Chris: Initiate a conversation with a Muslim, and ask curious questions. Look for opportunities to pray with your new Muslim friend, in Jesus’ name.


Pray that Muslims world-wide would come to know Christ. Here’s a link for a helpful prayer resource called, “Muslim World Prayer Guide: 30 Days of Prayer.”