Rani,* a Muslim from the Sudan, immigrated here 20 years ago. Despite living in a large, metropolitan city in the US, no Christian ever befriended her or shared the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Sadly, Rani’s story is common. Less than 2% of all Christians are sharing the Gospel with Muslims, while 1.43 billion Muslims have never heard the Good News.

There’s a perfect storm coming, and the implications are huge. In our children’s lifetimes, Muslims are projected to outnumber Christians worldwide.

The Impact is Real

In iHOPE’s first eight years, we observed that for every $600 we invested in inspiring and empowering Christians annually, one Muslim came to Christ.

We’re poised to reach exponentially more Muslims now by reaching more Christians through iHOPE’s new mass-media efforts like videos, books, podcasts, and other content. Your giving can help make that a reality.

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Note: Rani’s name and location has been changed.