Share Hope During Covid

Coronavirus may have locked people inside their homes, yet it’s opening Muslim hearts to God all over the world. Is God calling you to share hope during Covid? You can’t anticipate when you’ll have an opportunity to be an authentic Christian witness to Muslims. This blog will prepare you with some important things to know and do so you can be ready.

Consider Kim. In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, Kim’s 82-year-old mother, Linda, had suffered a near-fatal heart attack. In anticipation of her mom’s hospital release, Kim and her sisters quickly pulled together a team of caregivers to aid in Linda’s home recovery.

The first caregiver to arrive at Kim’s door was Farrah, a Muslim from Nigeria. Soon after, another Muslim caregiver also arrived, Selma, from Syria.

“My family was in crisis and The Lord sent two Muslims, Farrah and Selma to rally together toward a common purpose to help my mom thrive,” says Kim.

“I’m grateful iHOPE helped me be better equipped for such a time as this.”

Prepare for Such a Time as This

Have you ever thought you didn’t know enough about Islam to engage with Muslims?

If so, you’re not alone. Despite being the second-largest religious group in the world, with a growing presence in the West, relatively few people in the US or Europe say they have much knowledge about Islam.

And given that Islam is growing at two and a half times the rate of Christianity world-wide, it’s only a matter of time before you will be engaging with Muslims – on or off-line – like Kim.  This is a good time to get ready for future relationships.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

While Farrah and Selma intimately cared for Linda, Kim looked for opportunities to be an authentic Christian witness.

Kim started by asking thoughtful questions and looking for opportunities to get to know her new Muslim friends. One day, Kim noticed that Selma frequently told her mother to “have faith.”  Curious, Kim asked,

“What does faith mean to you?”

As she listened, she realized Selma’s view of faith was very different than her own Christian view.  That prompted rich discussions about differing beliefs

Love Well and Pray Together

The bond between them grew as they continued to get to know one another. Selma would ask Kim and her mother questions about their lives, and they had great fun sharing. By now, the three women trusted one another, and Kim asked,

“So Selma, what’s your story?”

Selma shared her life’s story, full of loss and hurts. Kim and her mother listened with love. When it was time to go, Selma lingered at the door. “Pray for me,” she whispered, as she gathered her personal belongings to leave.

Kim smiled and exclaimed, “May I pray for you right now?” They stood there, new friends together in the kitchen – six-feet apart for social distancing. Kim closed her eyes and bowed her head. She paused to still her heart and seek the Lord about what to pray specifically for Selma. After “in Jesus’ name, Amen,” Kim opened her eyes and could see Selma visibly touched.

Pray for Wisdom

In the middle of the Covid crisis, God was using Kim to point Selma and Farrah to Jesus in ways she could have never imagined before the crisis. Every day, Kim sought the Lord for wisdom to see what the Father was doing and to know what to do.  And the Holy Spirit always guided her.

One day, as Easter was drawing near, Kim asked Farrah what she knew about Easter. And Farrah replied,“Doesn’t it have something to do with eggs?”

That opened wide the door for Kim to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Farrah appreciated knowing the Truth. In the days leading up to Easter, Kim and Farrah had rich conversations about what Christians believed.

Then on Good Friday, Kim walked into the room as her mother and Farrah were watching Christian Broadcast Network on television. In that moment, the pastor was leading an invitation to accept Christ, and Kim stopped in her tracks.

She felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and just knew, “She’s praying that prayer.” After the invitation, Kim asked,

“Farrah, did you pray that prayer?”

Farrah said, “Yes!”

Oh, the joy! Kim danced around the room as Farrah beamed with tears of joy, celebrating the moment Farrah became a daughter of the King! Now Kim is discipling a new Believer.

Next Steps:

Oh friends, don’t miss this. Kim didn’t have a special calling to “reach Muslims.” She didn’t have a special education or an understanding of the Quran or even know much about Islam. Despite a family crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic, Kim had a heart willing to cross religious and cultural divides to love well and share the hope of Jesus with two Muslim women who desperately needed hope.

What about you? Are you willing to be used by God to share the gift of eternal hope in Christ?

  • Be ready. Take iHOPE’s free, 85-minute Online Training Course or read this book to learn five things every Christian should know and do with Muslims.
  • Pray. Tell the Lord you’re willing to step out in faith to share the gift of eternal hope with Muslims like Selma and Farrah, who don’t know the Truth. Ask for the Lord to grow your faith and trust in His ability to guide you.
  • Share. Tell your Believing friends about iHOPE and Kim’s story. Invite your friends to grow their faith along with you.
  • Give. Help iHOPE inspire and empower more Believers, like Kim, to share the Good News with Muslims, and other non-Believers around them.

Thank you for joining us in striving for the day in which every Muslim, like Selma and Farrah, will hear the Good News through an authentic Christian witness, like Kim…and you.