Share your faith with Muslims

Are you confident?

Are you as comfortable and confident at sharing your faith with unbelievers as you’d like to be? How about sharing your faith with Muslims? 


If you say “Yes,” that’s wonderful!


Yet most Christians are not so confident. Very few share their faith with Muslims. And even fewer former Muslims share their newfound Christian faith with Muslims around them.


So, how did Iman, a former Muslim from North Africa, get the courage to trek back to her homeland to share her faith with her Muslim grandmother? Let me share her story in hopes that it will inspire you to share your faith with Muslims around you.

I never imagined traveling back to North Africa to share my Christian faith, especially with my Muslim grandmother!” – Iman, former Muslim

Never Say Never

As a young adult growing up in North Africa, Iman worked very hard to please Allah. She felt a gnawing in the very depths of her soul to do more, be better, try harder so that Allah would accept her. Yet it seemed that no matter how fervently she tried, no matter how many good works she did, it was never enough.


Eventually, Iman arrived in the United States as an international student and she just gave up trying to please Allah entirely.

I could never be good enough to please Allah, so I just quit trying and began living a sinful life.” – Iman

Decades passed. Iman married and had several children. Still the empty gnawing in her soul grew. Iman considered, “It’s too late for me to please Allah, yet it’s not too late for my children.” On a whim, Iman took her kids to a neighborhood church program. It was the first time she’d entered a Christian church. And it was the first time Iman had heard the Good News about Jesus. Her impulsive decision to take her kids to church started her on a journey to finding and following Jesus.

“I was like a starving beggar who had just found bread! I wanted to share that bread with all the other beggars I knew. That’s how I felt when I found Jesus. I wanted to share Him with everyone!” – Iman

Dreams for her family

As a new follower of Jesus, Iman had vivid recurring dreams of sharing her faith with her grandmother in North Africa. She felt the Lord pressing hard on her to go. And yet she held back because she lacked the courage, confidence and know-how to share her faith with her Muslim family. Eventually the pressing was so strong, she “skilled-up” by reading countless books on how to share her faith. Yet the more she read on the topic, the more discouraged she became. As a former Muslim, sharing her faith with her Muslim family felt like rocket science.

“I just didn’t think I had what it took to share Jesus with my family.”– Iman

Iman was resigned to the fact that she would never travel to North Africa to share her faith with her family. But then, Iman attended an iHOPE training and her dream was renewed. As she heard about the “5 Essentials,” she realized she had what it took to share Jesus with her Muslim grandmother. Her dream became a reality.

“My grandmother was 92 when I traveled to North Africa to share my faith. She accepted Jesus right away. Six months later, she died. Imagine what would have happen if I had not taken than step of faithful obedience. I would not be seeing my grandmother in heaven.”  – Iman 


Imagine what could happen if you and other Believers around you choose not to share Jesus with Muslims around you?


Like Iman, have you ever ignored the Holy Spirit’s prompting to share your faith with Muslims around you because you lacked courage, confidence or know-how? What would you like to do differently next time?


How does Iman’s story inspire you to skill-up to share your faith with Muslims with more courage and confidence?


What are your next steps?


If you’d like to learn more about the “5 Essentials” Iman used to share her faith with her grandmother, go HERE.