She faced death to follow Jesus. Amazing story.


You probably don’t have to worry about your family killing you tonight for being a Christian, yet today’s guests did. Once she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she faced immediate life-threatening danger. A “Yes” to Jesus in her home country is different than a “Yes” here. Today she’s living in America’s heartland as a passionate ambassador for Christ. Don’t miss this remarkable story.  

But before you meet her, I want to give you the backstory behind the name of this series called The Blue Cord. When I was a kid, most Americans identified as Christian. I didn’t need to share my faith unless I was going to be a missionary. Now people of many faiths and cultures live here. We can cross our street and tell others about Jesus. And yet we’re not.

Something similar happened to the Israelites. God reveals in Numbers, [15:37]-41 that after another round of not doing what the Lord told them to do, He gave His people a reminder – a tassel with a cord of blue – on the hem of their garments. So that every time they saw it, they would remember him and his commands rather than follow after their own hearts.

The blue cord was a symbol of God’s divine commands that they serve a Holy living God who left instructions for how to remember and trust him.  Inspired by the biblical blue cord, I pray this Blue Cord series by iHOPE Ministries will be a catalyst for you to go be His witness and declare His glory among the nations, living around you.

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