Steps to share your faith today, this week, and this month

If you’re a Jesus follower, you probably know you should be sharing your biblical faith. The uncomfortable truth is that while many Christians know God, they’ve been apathetic or apprehensive about making Him known especially across cultures. Here are some steps you can take immediately, in the coming week, and for the month that will give you the moral courage to make Him known in your daily life.

Steps to share your faith today

Think about your thinking. The first step in any faith-sharing effort is realizing what you think about sharing your biblical faith because your thoughts lead to actions.

For example, if you think striking up a conversation and steering it toward Jesus is difficult or offensive, you won’t try doing it. Or if you think it’s someone else’s job to share the gospel with non-Believers – like a Pastor or a missionary – you won’t be looking for opportunities to be an authentic Christian witness yourself.

Realizing what you think about telling others about Jesus will help you address roadblocks that stand in your way.


Put on compassion. Has your heart become broken knowing that people are perishing without the hope of Jesus? Has this “knowing” amplified your compassion for the lost?

Having compassion like this will move you into action. And guess what, you can’t fake it. You either have it or you don’t. It’s important to get it because Jesus always had a compassionate response to the needs of the people around him, and we’re supposed to be doing the things that he does (see John [14:12].)  Don’t have compassion yet? Keep reading.


Pray. If you haven’t been praying for compassion or moral courage to point someone to Jesus, start today. We live in challenging times. When a coworker makes fun of Christians, or when we see people mocking the Bible on the news, instinctually we want to hang out with other Believers rather than share Jesus with people who are not like us.

The good news is – the Lord knows us intimately and remembers we are weak. That’s why Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit – to teach and guide us in what to say and do (see John [14:26].) When you are praying and seeking help, The Holy Spirit will guide you and give you immeasurable power to share.

Steps to share your faith this week

Learn to notice. Whether you live in the city or on a farm, odds are good that there are people around you who don’t know Jesus. They are not far from Him because you live there. Make a visual reminder for yourself that prompts you to look for and notice people God might be wooing to himself. Be willing to strike up a conversation that could lead to spiritual things.


Prioritize your time. It’s easy to go weeks without thinking about sharing our faith. That’s why it’s a good idea to embrace “tithing your time.”  Start by blocking your family calendar with purposeful intention so that you will be sure to engage as authentic Christian witnesses. For instance, mark your calendar once a month to volunteer as a family for an international student organization. Or book a time to serve a refugee family.


Learn and grow. Don’t let a lack of courage, confidence, or skills hold you back from telling others about Jesus. Make time to learn and grow. For instance, you might listen to one of our podcast episodes packed with practical steps and real-life stories from everyday Christians who are sharing their faith. The best part is, that you can listen while you’re doing other things.


Steps to share your faith this month

Harness social motivation.  Begin to cultivate a community of friends who want to know God and make Him known along with you. Here’s why: You need other Jesus followers in your life to focus on, talk about, inspire, and encourage you to boldly share your faith in this polarizing, post-Christian culture.


Deliberately practice. When you step outside your front door, look for opportunities to practice being an authentic Christian witness.  For instance,


Adopt a spot. Identify a spot that will prompt you to be an intentional Christian witness. Maybe it’s an aisle at the grocery store, a bleacher at your kid’s soccer practice, or a park bench near your home. When the LORD brings someone to your adopted spot, it’s your cue to engage as an authentic Christian witness.


Obviously, there are more steps you can take to share your faith throughout the year, or even a lifetime to help keep you pointing others to Jesus. But the steps here – for a day, a week, or a month – can give you a start.

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