The Way to Paradise
The Blue Cord Book

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About the Book

Can you imagine sharing your faith with a woman of another faith?

Jesus told his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations" and promised to be with us - even amid persecution or rejection because of sharing our faith. So why do we hold back from openly sharing our faith with others, especially across cultures? Why do we stay silent during times of opportunities to share the Good News?

In The Blue Cord, author Karen Bejjani emboldens Christian women of all ages and backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, to let go of any doubt and fear around sharing their faith in a cancel culture, and instead focus on practical ways to shine their light for Christ.

The Blue Cord Book

About the Book

The statistics are alarming: Islam is growing while Christianity is declining in Western nations. Unknowingly, most Christians are contributing to this problematic trend. Muslims: Five Biblical Essentials Every Christian Must Know and Do brings to light five simple actions that Jesus taught, modeled, and commanded of his followers. These principles have proven to be the most effective way to engage Muslims, used by thousands of Christians with extraordinary success.

If you are concerned, or are simply curious about Muslims, this book will equip you with the right words and practical steps to make a difference in your own community.

“This gave me the confidence to share the love of Jesus with someone from a different faith and culture.” Linda W

About the Book

A common question asked of iHOPE Ministries is, “I’m starting a Bible study with my Muslim friend, what do we study?” There hasn’t been a simple, duplicable solution until now.

In The Way to Paradise, Renod Bejjani takes Muslims on a journey to discover Allah’s (Arabic for “God”) word in the Holy Bible about the One and only Way a person can enter Paradise.

Give this book to Muslim friends for self-study or study it together. This book will equip you with the most important parts of what God reveals about Himself and His holy plan to restore humanity to eternal Paradise with Him

The Way to Paradise

About the Renod Bejjani

After enduring intense persecution as a Christian raised in Islamic countries, Renod Bejjani spent 24 years filled with anger toward God and hatred toward Muslims. Through his redemption journey, he had a startling discovery: the Middle East and North Africa experienced a mass shift from primarily Christian to 99% Muslim, and a similar shift is happening in Western nations.

In 2011, Renod started iHOPE Ministries (iHOPEministries.org) and found himself serving the God he once denied, extending God’s transforming love to the very people he once hated. Renod’s unique childhood and decades of experience with Muslims prepared him for this time in history, for this specific task.

Renod has inspired thousands of Christians as a dynamic guest speaker. His powerful stories and practical, road-tested principles have empowered individuals around the world to help reverse the alarming trends and make a Kingdom impact for future generations.

About the Karen Bejjani

I’m a farm girl, turned corporate executive. On September 11, 2001, I was in a high-rise when the Twin Towers came down. Until then, I’d lived my whole life without meeting a Muslim, and I began to fear them. I was like Jonah in Ninevah. I had no desire to share the gospel with Muslims.

But God confronted my fears. And I knew I needed to take action. So, I consumed countless books and seminars. Yet all the “book knowledge” left me feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. It seemed the more I learned, the more ineffective I became.

My husband, Renod, began interviewing hundreds of former Muslims locally and globally to discern what drew them to Christ. He discovered several common elements among Muslims who converted to Christianity. With that insight, Renod began practicing what he’d learned with nearly 1,200 Muslims, 550 whom accepted Christ.

Inspired, I started practicing the simple steps Renod discovered. And soon, I started sharing the gospel with Muslims myself. Now, I take other women by the hand to teach them what I’ve learned.