What is The Blue Cord?

If you're like most faith-filled women we know, you want to trust the Lord and share your faith - even across cultures.

Yet it's not easy.

"Good Christian girls" are up against a whole host of obstacles these days - like being crazy busy with work, family, and life. Being misunderstood, feeling persecuted, or marginalized. Maybe you've been afraid to speak up so you don't offend someone. It can be easy to lose your way.

Even the most faith-filled women struggle when they try to share Jesus alone.

If you want to live a life filled with meaning and purpose now, so that you can hear "well done good and faithful servant" by the end, you can't wallow in doubt, or unbelief, or sit on the sidelines at sharing your faith right now.

You need to remember who God is, who you are in him, and what he called you to do.

It helps to have a plan and a community of women who help connect your faith with your purpose.

That's why The Blue Cord exists.

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About the Author

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“Hi, I'm Karen! I'm here to help you connect your faith with purpose." 

For most of my life, I’ve been a “good Christian girl” just working and raising a family in the suburbs. I went to church most Sundays, did Bible studies, volunteered, and prayed. I supported missionaries who went over “there,” wherever “there” was.

My friends were mostly like me.

We were all crazy busy working and raising families, overwhelmed, and exhausted at day’s end. Besides our kids, no one I knew had ever led anyone to Christ, especially across cultures. We didn’t even talk about it.

Then I met a woman in the Middle East whose bold and courageous witness was a beacon of truth in the darkest of places. The only difference between her and me was that she didn’t waver in doubt or unbelief in who God is, who she is in him, and what he called her to do. She helped me connect my faith with purpose.

Now I’m here to do the same for you.

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