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iHOPE Empowers Podcast

iHOPE Empowers Podcast

Let us help you share your faith across cultures without apprehension. Join Host's Renod and Karen Bejjani, co-founders of iHOPE Ministries, as they embolden you to live as an authentic Christian witness through powerful real-life story-telling and road-tested principles.

"This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts! I love to hear the stories of how God has sought out and pursued his children, even those who wanted nothing to do with...Christianity.  In every story, I hear sounds of God’s great love...transformation happens and lives are changed forever." Connie P. 

Blue Cord Podcast

The Blue Cord Poscast

A catalyst for everyday Christian women who know they “should be” sharing their faith across cultures. Host Karen Bejjani, co-founder of IHOPE Ministries dishes up a fresh dose of inspiration and moral courage through conversations with faith-filled women who’re sharing Jesus across religious boundaries right in their own backyards.

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