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Share the Gospel Without Fear

If you’re a Christian, you know you “should be” sharing your biblical faith, even with people of other faiths (like Muslims). And yet, if you’re like most Christians you lack the confidence and skill to cross religious and cultural boundaries to start a spiritual conversation.

Take your First Step
we're here to help

We're here to help.

Since 2011, iHOPE Ministries has been coming alongside the Church and emboldening everyday Christians to share their faith with people of other faiths. We’ve found that once you know how to start spiritual conversations and practice five faith-sharing fundamentals, you'll be more courageous, confident, and skilled at sharing the hope of Jesus with immigrants, international students, and refugees who live around you. 

It's easier than you think.

Most everyday Christians find these fundamentals easy to remember, and simple to do with people of other faiths and cultures.

It's easier than you think

If you’re tired of hiding your faith and wish you could be an authentic Christian witness with non-Believers around you, let’s get you started. Here’s what iHOPE alumni are saying:

"My friends and I all have a relationship with Jesus, and we talk about Jesus with one another, but we haven’t actually shared Jesus outside of our Christian circles. These resources gave us the courage, confidence, and skills to change that." Elberta, Teacher

“I had no idea how to share the gospel, especially with people of other faiths. I was intimidated so I didn't share my faith at all.  iHOPE training has since helped me lead dozens to Christ. Now being an authentic Christian witness is a lifestyle for me. And I'm modeling it for my family." Jason, Business Executive

There are immigrants, refugees, and international students of other faiths (from many of the world's least-reached nations) all around you who’ve never been told the good news of Jesus Christ. Let’s get you empowered to start conversations and help them know the love of Christ.

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Striving for all people of other faiths to know Jesus and make Him known.