Afraid to Share Your Faith?

Sharing your Christian faith across cultures can seem hard. And carving out time for something you are not sure you’re ready to do is hard too.

Go from "I Can't" to "I Can". Bite-sized content rooted in Scripture, real-life stories, practical application, and personal action plans make this a genuinely holistic program for individuals and churches.

Get the courage, confidence, and skills to be an authentic Christian witness across cultures.

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Stressed about offending someone?
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Sharing your Christian faith across cultures can seem hard. Carving out time for something you are not sure you're ready to do is hard too. We get it! Sign up below for our ETHNOS course!

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Cross the Street. Reach the Nations.

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Share Jesus with Joy

No bad evangelism. No more hiding your Christian faith. Feel better about starting conversations across cultures that can lead to Jesus.

Live life on purpose

No PhD required. Learn to identify people God might be wooing to Himself, then confidently join Him.

Abide and bear fruit

Embrace God-dependent truths to be a more confident, courageous witness among other-faith immigrants, refugees, and international students.

"I feel confident! The burdens I've placed on myself are gone!" - Jaiden, ETHNOS Alumna

"9 out of 10 alumni report doing faith-sharing actions after taking the course.”

Prepare for an unreached world with a community by your side.

God is not far from your Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim neighbor because you are there. In ETHNOS, you’ll join a community of everyday Believers who are learning to cross the street and reach the nations right along with you.


Here's What To Expect


In-person group meetings


Watch a short lesson, then process what you're learning


Meet once a week for 7 weeks

Common Questions (and Answers)

ETHNOS is for any individual or church group. This course is for the Christian who wants to share Jesus with those around them.

If you feel intimidated, fearful, or unsure about how to tell others about Jesus, this is for you. With these seven sessions full of short videos and practical application, you will gain the confidence and skills to share your faith across cultures.

If you would like to bring ETHNOS to your church, go HERE.

The ETHNOS course has seven lessons. Most groups meet once a week for seven weeks to go through one lesson a week. Depending on the group’s size, lessons usually last one to two hours to give plenty of time for activities, Bible study, and discussions.

You can take the ETHNOS course online or in-person!

If you are an individual looking to take the course, go HERE.

If you’re interested in coordinating the ETHNOS course for your church or group, go HERE. You’ll find all the information you need about signing up and coordinating a class.

Join people all over the world who are bearing fruit too.

“A godly kick in the spiritual pants.”


“Great info, amazing and engaging curriculum.”


“Took away my anxiety over sharing Jesus.”


“Simple, clear, concise, and immediately applicable.”


“Gave me skills and encouragement to be a better ambassador for Christ.”


“Helped me to lead two other-faith friends to Christ!”


“I’m more aware and open to those who need the LORD’s love and grace.”


“Best outreach program I have ever experienced.”