Never Hide Your Faith Again

Through the ETHNOS course, you will get the courage, confidence, and skills to be an authentic Christian witness across cultures in your everyday life.

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Stressed about offending someone?
Do THIS first.

Sharing your Christian faith across cultures can seem hard. And carving out time for something you are not sure you’re ready to do is hard too. Sign up below for a sneak peek of the ETHNOS course and be the first to know when the program launches this Fall.

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Cross the Street. Reach the Nations.

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Share Jesus with Joy

No bad evangelism. No more hiding your Christian faith. Feel better about starting conversations across cultures that can lead to Jesus.

Live life on purpose

No PhD required. Learn to identify people God might be wooing to Himself, then confidently join Him.

Abide and bear fruit

Embrace God-dependent truths to be a more confident, courageous witness among other-faith immigrants, refugees, and international students.

"I feel confident! The burdens I’ve placed on myself are gone!" - Jaiden, ETHNOS Alumna

I don't want to do this

We get it. Sharing Jesus across cultures can feel risky and counter-cultural. Not anymore. Over seven weeks, we’ll break down everything you need to know about cross-cultural outreach so that you can be an authentic Christian witness in your everyday life. With ETHNOS, you’ll...

Learn to apply Biblical principles that have helped Believers for generations

Meet the 5 Essentials – Biblical truths that Jesus taught and modeled for his disciples. When you practice them together over time, you’re more likely to bear fruit.

The 5 Essentials

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Go from "I Can't" to "I Can".

You don’t need to learn Urdu or get a Ph.D. in intercultural studies before you open your mouth for Jesus. Bite-sized content rooted in Scripture, real-life stories, practical application, and personal action plans make this a genuinely holistic program for groups.

"9 out of 10 alumni report doing faith-sharing actions after taking the course.”

Prepare for an unreached world with a community by your side.

God is not far from your Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim neighbor because you are there. In ETHNOS, you’ll join a community of everyday Believers who are learning to cross the street and reach the nations right along with you.


Fifteen Years in the Making

Everything you’re about to learn, Renod Bejjani learned the hard way.

He endured intense persecution as a Christian raised in Islamic-ruled nations and spent decades filled with anger toward God and hatred for Muslims. When God redeemed him, he set out to share his faith with the people he’d once hated. He learned from the experts and practiced what he’d learned. It was rocket science, and Renod wasn’t bearing fruit.

Then he turned to the Bible and common sense. He studied the testimonies of hundreds of people from other faith backgrounds. That’s how the 5 Essentials were born. That’s when Renod began bearing fruit. Renod and his wife, Karen, founded iHOPE Ministries, then launched ETHNOS to help others bear fruit too.


Join people all over the world who are bearing fruit too.

“A godly kick in the spiritual pants.”


“Great info, amazing and engaging curriculum.”


“Took away my anxiety over sharing Jesus.”


“Simple, clear, concise, and immediately applicable.”


“Gave me skills and encouragement to be a better ambassador for Christ.”


“Helped me to lead two other-faith friends to Christ!”


“I’m more aware and open to those who need the LORD’s love and grace.”


“Best outreach program I have ever experienced.”


Here's What To Expect


In-person group meetings


Watch a short lesson, then process what you're learning


Meet once a week for 7 weeks

Common Questions (and Answers)

ETHNOS is for any Christian who wants to know God more deeply and make Him known. Sharing Jesus across cultures is for all Believers, not just for those with special education or experience.

The ETHNOS course has seven lessons. Most groups meet once a week for seven weeks to go through one lesson a week. Depending on the group’s size, lessons usually last one to two hours to give plenty of time for activities, Bible study, and discussions.

Currently, the ETHNOS course is only available for in-person groups. If you’re interested in coordinating the ETHNOS course for your church or group, go HERE. You’ll find all the information you need about signing up and coordinating a class.