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Inspire and empower your people to cross the street and reach the nations.

You don’t have to be a cross-cultural evangelism expert to help your people cross the street and reach the nations for Christ. You can just give them ETHNOS.

After fifteen years in the making, tens of thousands of Believers are using these easy-to-remember, simple-to-do concepts to share Jesus across cultures and change lives for eternity!

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“It’s time for the Church to cross the street and reach the nations God has brought here.”

A Roadmap to Reach Nations

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People from the world's least-reached nations live in small towns, cities, and suburbs all around us. They are raising up their families to follow God as they know him. But few know about salvation in Jesus. 

How ready are your church members to tell them? You could preach thousands of sermons on God’s heart for the nations, yet if your church members can’t imagine themselves crossing the street and starting a spiritual conversation across cultures, it’s just not going to happen.

You need a roadmap to reach the nations. Help your church “see” the many nations who live among us, and “hear” Jesus’ personal calling to be His witnesses. This is where the ETHNOS Course comes in.

With the ETHNOS Program, church members will:

  • Be inspired to engage with other faith neighbors about Jesus.
  • Get biblical wisdom, insight, and new skills to cross cultures.
  • Understand what other-faith neighbors believe.
  • Learn to naturally talk about spiritual things that lead to Jesus.
  • Apply 5 Biblical Essentials across cultures around their daily lives.
  • Engage with a community of Believers who are making God known among the nations.

What could everyday Believers do for the Kingdom of God when they are inspired and empowered to reach the nations who live among us?

“Our church is in a culturally diverse area. We did ETHNOS to prepare the congregation to naturally, authentically engage the nations who live among us. It was a catalyst that got people talking and sharing Jesus across cultures.”

Mark, Church Leader

“I’m leading ETHNOS to help my home group realize God’s heart for the nations. I went through the ETHNOS “test and learn” and it changed how I thought and acted about sharing my own faith across cultures. I love being an instrument in God’s hands to help others do the same.”

Cathy, ETHNOS Coordinator

How to bring ETHNOS to Your Church

Whether you have a few families ready to take the course now or you want to open the entire ETHNOS offering up to your whole congregation over time, we’ve got an option for you.

See What’s Included...

Membership for your entire congregation

One year of free group leader and 1:1 coaching

ETHNOS Experience – 90-minute immersive cross-cultural prayer experience for families

ETHNOS Course – 7-week interactive course for 6th grade through adult

ETHNOS Kids Course – 5-week course for Grades 1-5 (Coming in 2024.)

Blue Cord Women’s Course – 7-week course

Access to additional resources to take learning deeper

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Empowering your church members to live as authentic Christian witnesses across cultures is a collaborative team effort. We come alongside you every step of the way.