The Blue Cord Small Group Study

A life-changing study that connects faith and purposes

Lead a Blue Cord Study

7 Sessions

7 Sessions

 "We never considered sharing our faith."  

When it comes to sharing our faith (especially with women of other religions like Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists) many Christian women struggle with two questions: Can I do it, and will it be worth it?

These questions get to the heart of our most basic human behaviors – ability and motivation.

The Israelites wrestled with these things too, and God gave them a symbol - a Blue Cord - so that they would remember that ability and motivation come from Him. 

I invite you to lead a group to study what the Bible says about the Blue Cord because will grow your faith and embolden you to shine your light for Christ. There is nothing like this study.

“This has challenged me and opened my eyes." - Kayla 

“This was powerful - convicting - life-changing." - Shannon

“I feel equipped and confident...” - Cathy

How Does it Work?

Lead a Blue Cord study with friends

This is not an ordinary women's small group study. You will be stretched outside of your comfort zone and into God's larger world through a robust, 7-week, 2-hour study, with an optional "field trip." 

You will learn and grow together.  You don't need prior experience in leading a women's group, nor do you need all the answers - just a servant's heart and a love for the Lord. 

What we'll send you when you sign up to lead a study:

  • The Blue Cord Study Leader's Guide (digital)  - Everything you need to know to lead this study
  • The Blue Cord Study  Participant's Guide (digital) - Download and give to participants
  • Links to additional resources that will take your group's learning deeper


Each week, participants do their own personal study from The Blue Cord book and study guide before meeting with the group to discuss.


Weekly podcasts bring concepts to life through inspiring, real-life stories from everyday Believers.


Gather in person or online to ponder and discuss Scripture in the guide and questions from The Blue Cord book.


Activate concepts learned through weekly, personal “I will” statements.


Discern limiting thoughts and beliefs that may hold your back from sharing your faith.

Trade feelings of doubt and fear with moral courage, even in the threat of persecution.

Know how to be a confident, authentic Christian witness among people of any faith or culture.

Be prepared to face resistance that is sure to come.

Know how to shine brightly so that many can experience the healing that only God can bring.

 “Now I'm unafraid and boldly sharing the gospel.” - Bethany

 "This study changed my life. “I'm more intentional at starting conversations wtih people who aren't like me."  Leatrice

About the Author

Karen Bejjani co-founded iHOPE Ministries with her husband, Renod, to come alongside the Church and change the way Christians think about sharing their faith across cultures. She emboldens everyday Christian women to share the gospel of Jesus with other-faith friends. Karen and her husband also spend their time hiking forests and enjoying good Lebanese food with family and friends. Karen is the author of The Blue Cord and hosts The Blue Cord, by iHOPE Ministries podcast

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