The Becket Cook Show

Karen Bejjani: 5 Simple Steps to Evangelism

Inspiring, empowering, and convicting. Watch as Karen Bejjani shares 5 simple steps to evangelism with Becket Cook. 

First Person Interview with Wayne Shepherd

Renod Bejjani: Growing up in the Middle East

Hear Renod Bejjani’s remarkable story of growing up in the Middle East as a believer, who eventually walked away from his faith until finally surrendering his life to God. You’ll hear him give some great advice on how to start the conversation with people that leads them to belief.

Faith Radio with Bob Crittenden

Karen Bejjani: Women Hold the Keys to Faith

Karen Bejjani at the 2022 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, discusses The Blue Cord concept, which encourages everyday Christian women to be involved in cross-cultural ministry. 

First Person Interview with Wayne Shepherd

Karen Bejjani: Sharing Jesus in a Hostile Culture

Karen Bejjani emboldens Christian women (and men) of all ages and backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, to let go of any doubt and fear around sharing their faith in a cancel culture, and instead focus on practical ways to shine their light for Christ.

The Georgene Rice Show

Karen Bejjani: Overcoming Faith-Sharing Challenges

Karen Bejjani discusses how to overcome common challenges for sharing your faith with people of other faiths.

Life Today TV Interview

Karen Bejjani: Cross Cultural Outreach

Karen Bejjani shares small things everyday Christians can do to live as authentic Christian witnesses with people of other faiths.

Cape Pulpit 729 AM Voice of Change

Karen Bejjani: Do you have a faith worth sharing?

Karen Bejjani encourages millennial Christians in South Africa to have a faith worth sharing among people of other faiths and cultures. 

Point of View Radio Talk Show

Renod Bejjani: Reaching Muslims

Renod Bejjani shares things every Christian should know and do with Muslims, and people of other faiths.

A Third of Us Podcast with host Greg Kelly

Renod & Karen Bejjani: Don't be Afraid to Share your Faith

Renod and Karen Bejjani share simple ways to be authentic Christian witnesses among other-faith friends in your daily life.


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