What is iHOPE Ministries?

“iHOPE took away my fear for building gospel centered relationships with Muslims. Now I’m engaging Muslim international students from many countries. If I can do this, you can too.” Paula M.

Hopeful. We believe every Christian can be an authentic witness to Muslims.

Accessible. You don’t need prior knowledge or experience to share the Gospel of Jesus, in love, with a Muslim friend. Nor do you need knowledge of Islam, the Quran or the culture to get started.

Duplicable. iHOPE’s ‘5 Essentials’ are easy to remember, simple to do, and fruitful. No need to learn complex methods, new languages or complicated rules to share the Good News.

Empowering. Christians trained by iHOPE report actively engaging with 2.4 Muslims each on average as authentic Christian witnesses.

A Movement Begins

Renod and Karen Bejjani launched iHOPE in 2011 so that every Muslim would know the Gospel while in an authentic relationship with a Christian. iHOPE does that by inspiring and empowering “everyday” Christians to push past fear and share Jesus so that we might change lives and turn around trends for eternity.

At iHOPE’s first training in 2012, one hundred Believers packed into a neighborhood community center. Word spread, and they quickly trained 500 more. Then 1,000. And so on, until over 10,000 were inspired and empowered to become active participants in the Great Commission.

Today, iHOPE has multiple resources to expand the ministry’s reach and impact. God’s making an extraordinary impact through ordinary people. He can make an impact through you too. Start small.

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“All I knew about Muslims, I learned in the news. I didn’t think that I could or should share my faith with Muslims. iHOPE changed my thinking and helped me overcome fear.”
Denver W.


Inspire and empower Christians to help Muslims find and follow Jesus.


Every Muslim will know the Gospel through an authentic relationship with a Christian.


  • We prayerfully seek God, His glory, Kingdom, and will.
    (Matthew 6:9-10).
  • We inspire & empower Christians to “go” be “witnesses” and “ambassadors for Christ”
    (Acts 1:8; Matthew [28:19]; 2 Corinthians [5:20]).
  • We aim to inspire & empower “free of charge”, trusting God to meet all needs through donations
    (Philippians [4:19]; 1 Corinthians [9:18]).
  • Through the love of Christ, we are compelled to share our faith. (2 Corinthians [5:10]-11, 14, and 20.)