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The Blue Cord

About The Blue Cord

Sharing our biblical faith can seem risky and counter cultural. Perhaps questions like this have kept you from even trying. “What if I offend her?” “What if she thinks I’m pushing my faith on her?” “What if she asks me something I don’t know?” When we hold back from shining our light for Jesus, our children never see us sharing what matters most. And that’s a problem because women hold the keys to the next generation’s faith.

The goal of this book is to demonstrate what God does when His daughters find sufficiency in Christ alone. If God can use everyday Christian women who have never shared their faith before to lead people from many nations to Christ in daily life, what might he do through you?

Author Karen Bejjani invites you on a life-changing journey to know God more deeply so that you can make him known. You have what it takes to share what matters most.

The Blue Cord addresses questions like:

  • How doubt and unbelief impact your Christian witness
  • What assumptions you might unknowingly be making about nonbelievers
  • How to get your faith-sharing thoughts and actions into alignment
  • How to quickly push past fear and small talk to get to spiritual matters of the heart
  • How to identify with Jesus without being offensive
  • How to look for people God might be wooing to Himself
  • How to shine your light for Jesus when your life is busy
  • Simple ways to model sharing your faith across cultures for your kids