Unique - Interactive - Immersive

In this fun, 90-minute multisensory experience, you will find out what other faith neighbors believe about prayer and Jesus, and how that influences their daily lives. You'll leave this eye-opening event with a deeper appreciation for your own Christian faith and an increasing desire to help others come to know Jesus.

What To Expect


Sample coffee and traditional ethnic deserts.

Women looking out at ocean

Discover why people of other faiths are intrigued by Christian prayer.

People hugging

Learn how to help reach those who don't know Jesus.

Amazing and engaging things to know about what people of other faiths believe about God and prayer.

This was a fun and deeply impactful experience for our whole family. The kids are still talking about it! 


Talking about our Christian faith across cultures can seem hard. We know we should do it, yet when we don't feel prepared it doesn't happen.

That's okay. How would we know?

Start small. Come get a taste of what Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims believe about prayer and Jesus. Leave with a deeper appreciation for your own Christian faith. 

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