How to Be an Authentic Christian Witness During Ramadan

Here’s one important thing to be talking about with your faith-filled friends this month: How to be an authentic Christian witness during Ramadan.

Muslims all around you will be celebrating Ramadan from April 13th through May 12th.  Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with Muslims is not a skill typically taught in the church, and most likely, your Christian friends aren’t aware of the need.

That’s okay. We’re here to help.

iHOPE Ministries is a story of everyday Christians like you coming together to change the way believers think about sharing Jesus with Muslims. And when we work together, we can change this.

While our neighborhoods have been growing increasingly diverse, most Christians lack the courage, confidence and know-how to start spiritual conversations and share their biblical faith with Muslims. This blog will empower you to help your friends be authentic Christian witnesses with Muslims during Ramadan.

First the Basics

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims. They believe it’s the month god revealed the Quran to Mohammad. They fast from food, drink, tobacco, sex, and “sinful” behavior during daylight. Instead, they are to devote themselves to special prayers, reading and recitation of the Quran.

Different Islamic sects and regions celebrate differently. Generally during the first ten days of Ramadan, their prayers seek Allah’s mercy and blessings. The next ten days, they seek Allah’s forgiveness. During the last ten days they seek Allah’s safety from hell, because salvation is not guaranteed in Islam

Most Muslims celebrate the “Night of Power” (Laylat Al-Qadr in Arabic). They consider this one of the holiest nights of the year. For Sunni Muslims (over 85% of Muslims), this night is typically the 27th night of Ramadan. For Shia Muslims (around 10%), this night typically is the 23rd night. Muslims believe Allah rewards prayers and other acts of worship done on this night as equivalent to 83 years (1,000 months) of other nights.

How to Be an Authentic Christian Witness

Your Christian friends may believe they need to know even more about Ramadan before engaging with Muslims. However, that’s not true. They can start small by asking curious, open-ended questions.

Stephen Covey said, “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply.” With that in mind, one of the most important things your friends can do when it comes to engaging with Muslims is to seek first to understand.

Practical Application

Here’s a practical, real-life story that illustrates how you and your Christian friends can ask curious, open-ended questions:

Around the Christmas holiday season, Jason observed many Muslim drivers delivering packages to home. He didn’t know anything about Islam or engaging with Muslims. And yet he felt the Holy Spirit stirring his heart with compassion for them to realize the true reason for the Christmas season.

Jason lacked the courage, confidence, and skills to engage back then. So, he searched online and discovered iHOPE’s free, donor-supported events and online video training resources. Then he skilled-up to be an authentic Christian witness. It wasn’t as hard as he’d imagined.

Feeling empowered, Jason befriended some of the Muslims who were delivering packages to his home.  By then, he knew that if his biblical faith was important to him, his new Muslim friends would expect him to bring up his faith. If he didn’t say anything, it could be a signal that his faith wasn’t all that important to him, and his Christian witness would be diminished.


Recently, with Ramadan on the horizon, Jason asked Mohammad a curious question:

Do you celebrate Ramadan?”

Mohammad said yes, so Jason asked him another open-ended curious question:

 “What’s your favorite thing to do during Ramadan?” 

Mohammad shared that he especially enjoyed prayers, the Quran studies, and the evening meals to break the daily fasts.

Jason’s loving, curious questions opened a door for him to share that he liked to pray too, and that as a follower of Jesus, he prayed in the name of Jesus, inspired by verses like Hebrews [7:24]-25 in the Holy Bible:

 “Jesus…is able…to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.”

It was natural for Jason to lovingly offer to pray for Mohammad, and so he said something like this:

“As a follower of Jesus, I can pray for you in the name of Jesus, and Jesus himself will pray for you to God. In fact, I’d love to pray for you right now. Do you have a prayer request?”

Mohammad accepted Jason’s offer to pray with him. And that led to many prayers, in Jesus’ name.

Recently, those prayers led to Mohammad and Jason studying the Bible together, using The Way to Paradise. And Mohammad will be bringing his family to Jason’s for dinner to break one of the daily Ramadan fasts.

Start Small

If Jason can be an authentic Christian witness like this, you and your friends can too. Start small and look for opportunities to ask curious, open-ended questions, like Jason did. You never know when God may use YOU to point your Muslim friend to Jesus.

Take Your Learning Deeper

Watch our free 50-minute “Share Your Faith in 2021” training video. You can watch it on-demand. Look for it in iHOPE’s password-protected library. Go HERE to sign up to access the video.




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