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Sara drove by churches for 8 years and wondered what was inside. Because she was Muslim, she thought she’d need a special invitation from a Christian to go in. Finally, her co-worker Paula overcame fear and uncertainty to invite her. That invitation started Sara’s journey to Jesus.

Over a billion Muslims like Sara are waiting to know the Good News of Jesus. And billions of Christians like Paula lack the courage, confidence and know-how to share their faith.

How about you? 

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims, is not a skill typically taught in the Church, and most Christians don’t realize the need. iHOPE Ministries comes alongside the Church to inspire and empower “everyday” Christians to share Jesus without fear to Muslims and other non-Believers.


“iHOPE took away my fear and helped me share my faith with Muslims. It’s been exciting and rewarding to take an active role in the Great Commission.” – Patrick

With Muslims coming to Westernize nations, there are unprecedented opportunities to join in God’s work to change trends and lives for eternity. iHOPE Ministries is leading the way by inspiring and empowering “everyday” Christians to share the hope of Jesus. And through our donor’s generous support, we can provide most resources on this website for free.

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Join iHOPE in changing lives and trends, for eternity.