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What are your earliest impressions about what Jesus meant by “Go be My witnesses?” How has that understanding shaped your Christian witness today?

In this podcast, hosts Renod and Karen Bejjani dish up powerful stories, insightful nuggets, and fun interviews that will inspire and empower you to live as an authentic Christian witness among people of other faiths, right where you live, to the glory of God. 

Renod endured intense persecution as a Christian raised in Islamic-ruled nations and spent decades filled with anger at God and hatred for Muslims. So, he didn’t share his faith with anyone.

While Renod grew up at war with Muslims, Karen grew up in America’s heartland. She thought the great commission was for missionaries, not every-day Christians. As she pursued the American dream, she didn’t notice mosques and temples multiplying. And it never dawned on her to intentionally share her faith. 

Knowing that Renod and Karen weren’t thinking about crossing religious boundaries to share Jesus, how intentional do you think they were about being His witnesses? Pretty unintentional.

In their generation, the percentage of Americans who identify as Christian has slid dramatically from 93% when the Bejjanin’s were kids to 65% a couple of years ago. The trends are even worse in Canada and Europe. 

Meanwhile, those with no religious affiliation and Islam are growing fast. If nothing changes, Muslims are trending to outnumber Christians in a few generations. So, the Bejjani’s founded iHOPE ministries a decade ago to embolden every-day Christians  with the courage, confidence, and know-how to share their faith across religious boundaries. 

God is on the move, and people of other faiths here are hungry to know about Jesus. They are not far from God, because you are there. 

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