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Learn to share your faith with people of other faiths

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Have you ever held back from sharing your faith? How about with people of other faiths?

You’re not alone.

Many Christians are uncertain about how to do that, especially Muslims. That’s why we developed this Online Course, iHOPE Empowers, to help you share your faith with Muslims, and other non-Believers too.

“This course took away my fear for building gospel-centered relationships with all non-Believers! Now I’m engaging with many as an authentic Christian witness. It’s exciting,” shares Paula, a retired teacher.


We believe every Christian can be an authentic witness among people of other faiths. You can too! And it’s not as hard as you imagine.

Here’s what alumni are saying:

“The ‘5 Essentials’ are easy to remember and simple to do. I didn’t have to learn all about Islam, the Quran or the culture to be fruitful!” Jason, a Corporate Executive


What you can expect

This short course is based on the road-tested, biblical principles found in the book Muslims, 5 Biblical Essentials, by iHOPE's founder, Renod Bejjani. You will be...

  • More courageous at sharing the gospel with Muslims and other non-Believers
  • Empowered with practical, easy-to-remember things that are fruitful and simple to do
  • More confident and bold at living as an authentic Christian witness
  • Encouraged in your walk with Christ

Learn to Share Your Faith On Your Own Speed

This course includes five 15-minute video lessons and a Discussion Guide to enhance your learning. You’ll get ideas for activating concepts, and resources for deeper study. This is a great course to take with a small group. And because iHOPE is donor-supported, we can bring you this 75-minute Online Course for free.


“This inspired me and changed how I engage with Muslims. Now I’m actively building Gospel-centered relationships.”

- Denver

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