iHOPE Empowers Videos

iHOPE Empowers Videos

Are you willing to play a bigger role in making Him known among the nations, but don’t know where to begin? Problem solved. Just access iHOPE’s free online video training library now. You’ll be…

  • Emboldened with the courage, confidence, and know-how to share your faith. 
  • Inspired by real-life, practical application stories from “everyday” Christians.
  • Empowered with fruitful road-tested things to know and do right away.
  • Surprised with how easy these principles are to remember and simple to do. 

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prayer (1)

Islam & Christian Prayers: What's Different? 

Curious about how Muslims approach prayer? Wondering how their prayers differ from yours? Watch and learn the fundamental differences. Find out why your prayers are especially attractive to Muslims. Learn fruitful prayers you can pray with confidence with Muslims.

start spritual convo

Start Spiritual Conversations

If you are less than 100% confident in your ability to start and naturally steer a conversation toward Jesus with people of other faiths, this session is for you!

handl objection pic

Handle Objections Workshop

Learn the differences between what Christians and Muslims believe about the Trinity and the Crucifixion. Learn how to lovingly address Muslims' objections to your polar opposite view of salvation.

iHOPE Ministries video preview image of a Christian sharing and listening to a Muslim woman.

Share The Bible Workshop

Learn how to lead a Gospel-centered, discipleship Bible study that resonates with Muslims.

not offend

How NOT to Offend

Learn how NOT to offend your Muslim neighbor.

Msulims worldview

Muslim Worldview Workshop

Learn seven helpful things to know about your Muslim neighbor's worldview, regardless of their Islamic denomination.

POP Workshop

Person of Peace Workshop

Learn how to quickly identify a "person of peace," someone God might be wooing to Jesus.


iHOPE Impact Stories

Everyday Believers share iHOPE Impact

share faith in 2021

Share Your Faith in 2021

How to share the gospel with Muslims and people of other faiths and cultures.


Share Hope Prayer Webinar

Learn the differences between Christian and Muslim prayers, and small things to do as a result.

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