One of the myths about Muslim outreach is that it’s too complicated for the average Christian. It might sound like a big undertaking, something that requires extensive knowledge and significant time and energy. I once thought the same thing about approaching Muslims…I felt unequipped and fearful.

I’d love to share the story of a woman who is an inspiring member of the iHOPE community. She busts the myth that sharing Jesus with Muslims is overly complicated, and she proves that it’s something that anyone can do by keeping in mind the “5 Essentials.” As you read this, look carefully for Essential #3: offer the Bible to a Muslim in a format that’s best for them.

Here’s the story of my friend Judy*…

A few months ago, I went to a new dry cleaner and when I was there, I heard a foreign language movie playing on the cashier’s computer. I asked her what language it was and she said it was Hindi, and that she was from Tanzania. I learned she also spoke 12 other languages! I was pretty impressed by that since I only speak English and a little bit of pig-latin.

 I shared that I’d been involved with a movie that had been translated into over 1,752 languages and offered to share the Jesus Film with her.

She replied, “Oh, Jesus, yes, I’ve heard of him. I’m a Muslim but I’d like to have that movie.”

I shared the movie and began to develop a relationship with her. One day, I asked if she’d like to do a Bible study with me and she said yes. I gave her a study Bible with her name on it.

A few weeks later, I shared the Gospel with her and she prayed to receive Christ. We continued to pray and study the Bible together at the dry cleaners. I know I have been uniquely placed by God because people will seek God and find him right where they are and right where I am. God is not far from your neighbors because YOU live next door!

Judy’s story has been empowering for believers who are just beginning to learn about the 5 Essentials, and for people like me who have been practicing the 5 Essentials for years. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to engage with Muslims in her daily activities and is always open to starting conversations. She lives by the motto “always on mission” and says it’s a fun and exciting lifestyle—I believe her!

God uses our circumstances to work in our lives and the lives of the people around us. Take a moment to think about your circumstances, and consider these questions:

  1. How does Judy’s story inspire you to cross religious and cultural divides?
  2. What are some places you go on a regular basis that you come in contact with Muslims? For example, your workplace, your doctor, your bank, your dry cleaners, your favorite coffee shop, etc.
  3. What are some practical ways that you can authentically begin a conversation like Judy did with her dry cleaner?

This week, answer these questions and challenge yourself to be observant in your daily routines.

*Judy’s name has been changed