Start Spiritual Conversations Part 2


Learn how to start natural spiritual conversations with anyone, anywhere, all the time using a memorable “process” that is easy to remember and simple to do. Rich with real-life stories and road-tested practical application, this episode will have you looking forward to striking up conversations and steering into spiritual matters of the heart.

About iHOPE Ministries

iHOPE Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit ministry that is changing the way Christians think about sharing their faith with people of other faiths. Since 2011, iHOPE has empowered tens of thousands of Christians to cross religious boundaries and extend God’s transformative love. For more free, donor-supported resources that will help you share the love of Christ with people of other faiths who live near you, visit or follow iHOPE Ministries on Instagram.

The book referenced in this episode: The Way to Paradise, by Renod Bejjani, is a bible study tailored for Muslim seekers.  It’s available wherever books are sold online. For more details, visit

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