How to Study the Bible with Muslims

A new, ground-breaking Gospel-centered Bible study written TO and FOR Muslims

In a quest to find fruitful ways to share Jesus with Muslims, Renod Bejjani, iHOPE’s Founder, and author, researched testimonies from hundreds of former Muslims around the world who had converted to Christ. In time patterns emerged, and he found most testimonies had 5 things in common.

He called them the 5 Essentials, simple things Jesus taught and modeled. Then he began to practice and teach them to others. The 5 Essentials resonated with ‘everyday’ Christians who found the Essentials easy to remember and simple to do. Since 2011, iHOPE has come alongside the Church to inspire and empower almost 10,000 Christians to practice the 5 Essentials, prompting Bejjani’s first book, Muslims: 5 Biblical Essentials.

Birthed Out of Necessity

Sharing the Bible is one of the 5 Essentials. And as Christ-followers began practicing the 5 Essentials, this question came up frequently:

“I’m about to study the Bible with my Muslim friend. Where should I start? What should we study? Help!”

Bejjani searched for a Gospel-centered Bible study written TO and FOR Muslims. He sought one that he could do with a Muslim friend and whole-heartedly recommend to others. Nothing existed. He spoke with hundreds of Christians, including seminary professors, missions leaders and missionaries. He realized they, too, would love such a resource.

Introducing: The Way to Paradise

The iHOPE Community needed this study. So, Bejjani developed it. Called The Way to Paradise, this new book is a Gospel-centered Bible study written TO Muslims and tailored for their worldview. Through the years, Bejjani and the iHOPE Community have done parts of this Bible study with over 2,000 Muslim seekers world-wide. Many eventually came to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Now, it’s available for you to use and share, in paperback or eBook format.

“This book is a game-changer!” Bill, Senior Pastor, California, USA

You can give The Way to Paradise to a Muslim friend locally or globally for self-study, or study it together. Either way, it will guide your friend through the most important parts of what God reveals about Himself and His holy plan to restore humanity to eternal Paradise with Him.

“I’m discipling my friend in North Africa with this powerful book. He’s a new Believer from a Muslim background. He’s already shared it with his Muslim friends!” – John, IT Professional, Canada.

If you share God’s heart for Muslims, The Way to Paradise is an important book to own. Get your copy online now from Amazon and other online retailers.

Added Bonus

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Learn how to use this practical, insightful resource written TO and FOR Muslims. You’ll…

  • Strengthen your own faith
  • Gain a deeper understanding for what is included in this study
  • Learn why the structure and format is so important
  • Find out why the word “Allah” is used on the cover
  • Be more courageous and confident at sharing and studying the Bible with Muslims

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