3 Rules for Sharing the Gospel Across Cultures

We all want to be successful when we share the gospel. No one wants to fail. So, we often put burdens on ourselves before we muster the courage to point others to Christ. We imagine we’ve got to develop and rehearse a well-crafted testimony, be prepared to share a flawless gospel presentation, and get skilled in apologetics before we even open our mouths.

In truth, sharing the gospel is not that complicated. Knowing these three rules took all the performance pressure off me. I pray they do the same for you.

Rule #1 for Sharing the Gospel: You don’t draw people to Jesus

I once participated in a conference discussion on how to reach Muslims with the gospel. It was just me and six intelligent, godly men who had spent lifetimes studying Islam, the Quran, and apologetics. They knew their stuff. While they had fascinating discussions with Imams around the world, they were struggling and couldn’t agree upon which method was best for bringing Muslims to Christ.

Their struggles intimidated me. I wondered, “If they can’t figure out what method is best to share their faith, how would an everyday, ordinary Christian like me ever hope to lead someone of another faith to Christ?”

The whole experience discouraged me, and I shared what had happened with my husband. He reminded me that I can’t draw people to Jesus. Take a look:

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (Jesus in John 6:44, ESV.)

“No one can come to Me unless it is granted to him by the Father.” (Jesus in John 6:65, ESV.)

“No one can say that Jesus is (my) Lord” except by (the power and influence of) the Holy Spirit.” (1 Corinthians 12:3 AMP.)

Every Believer was first drawn to Jesus by the Father, through the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. Whoa. Those incredibly intelligent men don’t have the power to woo someone to Christ, You and I don’t either. Isn’t it freeing knowing that a polished testimony, perfect words, incredible apologetics, or the gospel method of the day will not now or ever make someone believe in Jesus?

This frees you up to be a normal, everyday Christian witness, one who might even stumble over sharing the gospel. If God the Father is drawing someone, your mess-ups won’t matter. And if our Father is not wooing them, they won’t believe no matter how perfectly you share the gospel or how compellingly you practice apologetics.

Rule #2 for Sharing the Gospel: Don’t rely on your own understanding

When Jesus told his disciples to go be his witnesses among the nations, he did not say, “Trust and rely on your own words to bring people to Me.” So, if you’ve been waiting until you’ve perfected your testimony, aced apologetics, and memorized a flawless gospel presentation before you open your mouth, you are hereby relieved of this burden.

Hold onto this truth Jesus sent you the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you in what to say and do (see John 14:26.) When you are praying and seeking help, The Holy Spirit will guide you. He will not ever leave you standing alone in your cul-de-sac when you step out in faith to declare His glory to your neighbor. Jesus promises you that He will always be with you (see Matthew 28:20.) He will give you immeasurable power to share. Trust Him, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Rule #3 for Sharing the Gospel: Manage your expectations

In our microwave Western culture, we’re driven to perform. We want results…right away. So, when you share your faith and nothing happens, it’s normal to think you might have done something wrong. Hold that thought captive. It’s a lie. Leading someone to Christ has nothing to do with your own personal performance. Your job is to love God and love others (the two greatest commandments.) So, when you tell your Hindu or Muslim neighbor about Jesus, you will be doing one of the most loving things you could ever do. And then – this is important – leave the outcome to Him. You are not now or ever responsible for the outcome. Manage your performance expectations.

Think it Through:

  • Which one of the three rules for sharing the gospel most resonated with you? Why?
  • What burdens have you been putting on yourself around sharing the gospel?
  • How might you encourage and inspire a Believing friend to share the gospel?

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