When You Face Resistance to Sharing Your Faith

Have you felt the nudge to share your Christian faith with a non-Believer, yet resisted and stayed silent? If so, this is for you. This is a true story from an iHOPE Blue Cord Study Leader who found a creative way for overcoming resistance and opening her mouth for Jesus. Try it and let us know how it works for you.

Facing Resistance to Sharing Your Faith

One day Andrea passed a picnic table on the sidewalk by her home. Two young women were sitting at it, and she felt the Holy Spirit nudge her to pray with them.

Andrea ignored that nudge and kept walking. This really bothered her, so Andrea prayed to be more obedient the next time.

“How about starting now,” the Lord seemed to say.

So, she turned back to the girls at the table and spent the next thirty minutes talking with, praying for, and sharing the gospel with the girls. It was such a joyful moment, that she decided to do more.

A Creative Way to Face Resistance

“I’m adopting this picnic table. When the LORD brings someone here, I’ll engage with them (as an authentic Christian witness).” Andrea decided.

It wasn’t long before she saw a young man sleeping on “her” picnic table. “Before leading an iHOPE Blue Cord study, I would not have approached him,” Andrea says. “But now, he’s on “my table.” She knew she had to talk with him.

She told him,

“‘I’ve adopted this table and I pray for people who come to it. Is there anything I can pray for you about?’

He’d just been in an accident and felt no one cared. Andrea got him an ice pack and a cold glass of water. Then she prayed with him and shared her life and love for Jesus.

Pushing Past Resistance

As Andrea recounted her recent experiences, I couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if all Believers intentionally adopted a spot like her picnic table – maybe a Walmart aisle or a gas pump at a local station? 

I decided to try it out by adopting a stretch of sidewalk on my daily prayer walk/run. You won’t believe what happened next. Two women from another faith just happened to be on “my” adopted sidewalk that morning.

Keeping silent was not an option. So, I struck up a conversation. That was the easy part, yet I stopped short of leading the conversation to spiritual things. Why?

It bothered me, and I thought of all the things I could have or should have said.

I prayed that God would give me a second chance.

Then those women reappeared on the trail! I had a second chance to tell them about Jesus, and I ran over to them.

“After I left you, the LORD kept putting you on my heart – that I should pray for you. He must love you so much! I’m a follower of Jesus, and I pray in Jesus’ name. Is that okay?”

Oh, my friend, I wish you could have seen their incredible response. They were open to a conversation about Jesus and desperate for prayers. They probably would have come home with me if I had time for an extended visit that day.

Think it Through

If Andrea and I can do this you can too. Are you willing to adopt a spot like Andrea’s picnic table? Would you be an authentic Christian witness to the people who come into “your spot?” If so, email me at Karen@iHOPEministries.org and let me know you’re taking on this challenge. I would love to encourage you.

  • Is there anything that might hold you back from adopting a spot like Andrea’s picnic table?
  • Can you envision yourself being an authentic Christian witness with people coming to “your adopted spot?” Why or why not?
  • What is the Holy Spirit leading to you do next?
  • How might you encourage and inspire a Believing friend to adopt a spot like this?

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