Week 1: Problem, Solution and You

Week 1: Problem, Solution, and You

“The majority of Christians have not shared the Good News with Muslims. This has resulted in one of the most urgent and important problems of our times.” Renod Bejjani

Take Action

  1. Read Matthew 22:36-39 and Psalm 96:2-3. God redeemed you to redeem others through you. When you declare His glory among the nations (at home or on the mission field) you are being fruitful and multiplying. God blessed and saved you to tell others—including Muslims—about His salvation.  What are your thoughts/ feelings about sharing the Good News with Muslims around you right now?
  2. Pray for an open heart toward your Muslim neighbors, for God’s wisdom and instruction, andthat God would lead you to a Muslim He is drawing to Jesus.
  3. Look for opportunities to engage with Muslims around you this week.

Take it Deeper

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